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One of my good friends and favorite writers, Sophia Dembling, features me and three other writers — Jean Fain, Irene S. Levine and Adam McHugh — in a post about introverted writers trying to act like extroverts.  It’s in Sophie’s popular blog, Introvert’s Corner, at Psychology Today’s site.

When she read the manuscript of my current novel, WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKTHROUGH, Sophie wrote back: “It makes me hate you, but in a good way.”  I’ve always treasured that remark.

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  • I hope some day to have the pleasure to “hate you, but in good way,” too. After this publicity whirlwind dies down, “Women ont he Verge of A Nervous Breakthrough” is at the top of my reading list!

  • I am thinking of another of my favorite introverts– Emily Dickinson. She merely hoarded her literary output and left it to others to publish, promote and popularize after her death. Maybe Emily had the best solution. Yet, I harbor the feeling my personal hoard will end up in a black Glad® bag parked on the curb awaiting that great landfill in the sky.

  • That is one hilarious sentence –in a good way. I’ll go check out the Psychology Today post.

  • Merr Link

    Ah! Introverts trying to act like extroverts! And what about the opposite?! I guess introverts just have to do the extroverted stuff “introvertedly.”

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