You Can Vote Today!

No begging, pleading or guilt trips this year.  But if you’d like to vote for this blog as best local blog, please go to the media heading at:

I’d also suggest you vote for the wonderful Eileen Smith at Inthepinktexas for best political blog (under Politics and Personalities).

Many thanks, Ruth

P.S. I also think I deserve your vote since I finally learned how to make a hot link.  I am now exhausted by the effort.

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  • Mike Schillhahn Link

    OK, I voted.  What do I win?

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    How about the satisfaction of doing the right thing?

    Oh, never mind.


  • Yay!  I just voted for you.  I hope you win.  But regardless of the outcome, you’ll always be a winner in my eyes.

  • Winston Link

    I voted!
    Does this mean this North Carolinian is now embroiled in hot, controversial Texas-style politics?

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    Julie, thank you.

    Yes, Winston, it means you’ll have to secede with the rest of us.

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