Who, Me?

I mean, sure, l have a vivid, humiliating memory of begging people to vote for my blog for the Austin Chronicle‘s Best of Austin award.  But I spend half my life whining and begging for things and usually everybody ignores me or crosses the street when they see me coming.  Besides, I never thought that anybody but my husband would vote for me and, as busy as he is, well, who knew?

So I’m all atwitter to announce that the Fabulous Geezersisters’ blog got the Best of Austin Local Blogger award.  I got a postcard about it and thought there must be some mistake.  But my husband and I showed up at the party and I grabbed the certificate and refused to give it back.  By the time we left the party, I’d managed to spill a couple of globules of chile con queso on the certificate, so it must be mine.  I mean, it’s now filthy and food-encrusted, so it looks like everything else I own.

Even more astonishing, I tied for the award with the incomparable and divine Eileen Smith, who writes the hilarious In the Pink Texas.  Unlike me, Eileen leads a very glamorous life, going to political conventions and mingling with stars and getting her photo taken with luminaries, many of whom don’t later accuse her of stalking them.  She had assured me she was going to get the best-looking or hottest blogger award and we were both shocked when she ended up sharing an award with me.

How did this happen?  Hell if I know.  But I’m thrilled, humbled, grateful, all the cliches, and would like to publicly thank my hairdresser, Giacomo, and my manicurist, Debbie, and my husband, who’s learned to take my threats seriously after all these years.

I also now know that begging is a very effective bargaining tool, so don’t expect me to quit it.

(Copyright 2008 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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  • CONGRATULATIONS and extremely well deserved! Even in telling this story you are hilarious. And I always love imagining hearing you tell it in your lovely distinctive voice. Always. Congratulations, Ruth.

  • That’s great news!  I didn’t know if they would count votes from folks in Redneck Dallas, but I guess they did.  I’m very happy for you.  Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations, Ruth!  Consider me a new fan!  I got here as soon as I could.  🙂
    So wonderful meeting you at Cynthia’s the other night.  Happy blogging and being!


  • Mazel tov! Stop being so damn funny!

  • Craig Link

    Somebody from Acorn told me to vote 50 times

  • Congrats to my favorite blogger and blood sister! The civilized tribes are proud.

  • I’m very impressed – that’s quite a feather in your cap!  Congratulations.  🙂

  • Hi, Ruth!  I’ve been gone for a few days, and wow…you’ve done so many new and awesome posts.  I’m having fun catching up.  But…for the real reason I’m commenting here…CONGRATULATIONS!  You really, truly deserve it. 

  • You certainly deserve it! I have just returned from my most recent trip – a “leaf peeping” tour of the northeast – and have spent a couple of hours catching up on reading my favorite blogs. I have to confess that since I am so far behind, I just scanned most of them (I was gone for 3+ weeks). But yours – well, I read every word. Sometimes I read every word twice. I am in awe of your wordsmithing. Please, please never stop blogging!

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