So, a local bus driver got fired for refusing to take two women to a Planned Parenthood clinic.  One — or both — might be getting an abortion, he reasoned.  Since he was against abortion, they could forget the ride.

I wrote the following satire based on the idea that all bus drivers could start tailoring the routes they drive. See the: Texas Observer

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  • Cindy A Link

    Well, if I’m driving, I’m taking those Tea Party people with all their anger and signs straight to a therapist.

  • Good solution, a smörgåsbord of tailor-made routes.  Now all we need is a change of the name of the transit company to… A LA CART,  Aggressive Love Across Capital Area Rural Transportation.  All a-bord!

  • Bring your own hose. Ruth, if you can’t make me crack a smile, I’m not sure who can!

  • I loved it! I have been away too long – stuck in China where all my favorite sites were either blocked or the Internet was too slow to load them. Someone tell me again why China is a world power? So glad to have my dose of Geezersisters available to me again.

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