The Octomom of Books

Here’s an article about the population explosion of books at our house in the Texas Observer.

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  • Great article; you’ve got a lot of company out there….just so you know. Books can easily take over the house, especially after several decades of accumulation. I need to start weeding mine out as well…but, it’s so hard. I keep thinking I’ll read them again but rarely read a book twice. But, like you, I just like to look at them sometimes, feel the covers, and the breeze from the pages.  Sigh.

  • Winston Link

    Wonderful imagery!
    When I came to the lines:
    …I start to wonder whether even alleged innocents like the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen aren’t misbehaving as well. These licentious days, they ­probably don’t even close their eyes and think of England. What a bunch of tramps….
    I had to have a liedown and tape my sides together!
    Years ago I read a biography of author, Shirley Jackson (another member of the mentally tortured club).  Included were some photos taken within her home in Bennington, VT.  Some rooms contained nothing but rows of floor-to-ceiling shelves of books.
    It would be ideal if you have a two-car garage. You could shop around for used library stacks and fill the garage with rows of them to increase book space.  I mean, who bothers to actually keep cars in a garage anyway?

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