Thank You, I Feel So Empowered Now

I want to offer my thanks to Texas lawmakers for making women’s visits to the ob-gyn less lonely. See my column in the Texas Observer.

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  • I just loved every word. Especially the words vagina, uterus, placenta menopause, etc.

  • I agree with you and Anne! Thank you for taking the time to put together your thoughts. You represent exactly how many of us are feeling!

  • I’m happy to help sling placenta, vagina and uterus around.

    Great article, Ruth!

  • So happy to see someone articulate the anger and frustration I’ve been feeling – how in the world can people be so hypocritical to say “hands off” everything from taxes to health care to environmental protection (issues that affect everyone, I might add) and then suddenly insist on being “hands on” when it comes to something so private and personal?!

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