Taking the Easy Road

Here’s an audio version of my husband’s and my chaotic traveling style:  Taking the Easy Road

Happy Fourth of July!

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  • Ah, the flaneurs resurface.

    But I think your audio version doesn’t quite make your case the way your blog does. You barely introduce us to the concept (though I admit it is instantly appealing) before you simply assert, in your charming Texas drawl, that you believe you don’t miss anything important. As I have read your encounters with love sick waiters (etc) I might be inclined to agree. Without that, I’m not so sure; I might just run with the slob theory.

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    That’s because I can write as long as I want on my blog; radio air time, though, is quite limited.  Anyway, you’re not the first to accuse us of being slobs.  We’ll just have to live with it.

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