Seeing the Big City Again

I can’t think of a better guide to New York City than the divine
Robert Leleux.

See this article about our hanging out together in The New York Times.


For another glimpse of my sojourn in New York, check this out.

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  • I saw your article on the New York Times webpage and loved it. I have recently moved to NYC from Corpus Christi on a whim….something was just pulling me here. I too have come down with the “full body rash” of the city. Thanks for such a wonderful read!!

  • Donna M. Link

    Wonderful story!
    I had to look it up in print too and am thrilled at it’s placement of the front page of the Weekend Arts section. Way to go, Ruth!

  • I’m afraid my Texas residency expired long ago and, after 30 years in NYC, I’ve adopted so many New York-isms that most new acquaintances tell me they’d never have imagined I was from Texas. (Not being blond helps.) I always respond by defensively smiling the Texas sorority girl/beauty pageant contestant smile (you know the one) and explaining that if I hadn’t learned to walk and talk faster, I’d have been dead by now…or had to move back. I’ll be looking for more of your work. I can definitely relate – ah, Bergdorf’s. BTW – the upstairs restaurant is almost the old Zodiac Room, until you open your eyes to the Central Park view.

  • sharon Link

    Loved your story in the NYTimes. I grew up in Dallas and went to college in the Bronx. In those days, Dr Pepper was not to be had anywhere in NYC except a small place in the Village called the Texas Chili Parlor. I frequently brought a case or two back to the dorm with me whenever I went home. I’ve wandered further north since then, and I am happy to report that I’ve found Dr Pepper everywhere I’ve been, but I still love New York.

  • I don’t know how I first found your blog, but I’m so glad I have.
    I’m a Texan transplanted in California years ago; this article brought back some memories and made me laugh out loud. Especially the part about why style is so important to Texas women….I never did get that.
    I think I need to go back for a visit.
    Great article!

  • I enjoyed reading your article in the NYTimes! I’m a native Texan who loves NYC and life in Texas. I’m thinkin’ it’s time for another visit to the Big Apple!

  • Love that article. Congrats.

  • Sheryl Link

    Great, entertaining writing as usual, Ruth. Congrats on your NYT article. I’m looking forward to enjoying many more!

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