Remember the House of Death?

It’s funny.  Sometimes, I wish I had talents that would open me up to other, more valued and lucrative professions; applicable to being a brain surgeon, for instance, instead of a writer.  But, after my father died in May and I spent several days on the computer writing about the experience, I felt fortunate to do what I do.

Here, in another venue, is the continuing story of the House of Death.

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  • What a beautifully written account of a surreal and awful chain of events. It’s amazing how wrong things can go in the dumb and dumber areas of American life.

  • Excellent article, Ruth! I gave if five stars

  • I am so sorry, Ruth.  What a horrible ordeal.  Duane sounds like an idiot who doesn’t deserve to work with grieving people.  I love that you added your father’s sense of humor.  That passage made me tear up.  It is very beautiful.

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