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You see why I write about this guy all the time? He’s still the most fascinating person I’ve ever known: interview in Scientific American

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  • Wow again! That’s a very interesting article. No wonder he’s at the top of your list of most fascinating people. Nice to know what your significant other does and thinks about; definitely interesting. Thanks for the link!

  • Craig Link

    He’s all of that and he takes a good picture too

  • It is fascinating. Question–does it make you self conscious about the pronouns you use when you’re talking to him?

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    no longer use pronouns when talking to husband

  • Tee hee! Good one!

  • Cindy A Link

    Very interesting! Has Dr. P looked at the use of “you”? It always rattles me when people interviewed on the news following traumatic events can say, “And then you see this big house hurtling toward you in the air and you think you’re a goner.” Why are they telling this story about “you” as if it happened to me instead of to them? Are they sensitive about using “I” and sounding self absorbed? Do they subconsciously wish it had happened to me?

    Am I the only person bugged by this?

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