On Being the Mother of the Bride

See my recent article in Texas Monthly‘s July issue.

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  • Kathy Link

    Beautifully written and poignant. Loved it!

  • Chris Link

    A really wonderful article–it is great that Texas Monthly readers have the opportunity to read some of your fine writing.

  • Brenda Coley Link

    I just read your article ‘Mother of the Bride’ !! It was wonderful – I am sitting here in this public venue with tears in my eyes and a heart filled with emotions. We will celebrate 38 years of marriage in a couple of weeks – you described ‘married life’ beautifully!! We are so blessed and thank God,have had only a few challenges that seemed ‘over whelming’ . Thank you – I look forward to reading more of your work!!!!!

  • Steve Link

    As one of the few men I know who likes–loves–weddings, as well as my bride of 41 years, I can only add, “Amen.”

  • Ellen Link

    Wonderful article, sister.

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