No More Giant, No More Super-Americans

See my column in the Texas Observer about why they don’t write books about Texans the way they used to.

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  • Cindy A Link

    Good article, Ruth.  Yeah, I think the disenchantment with Texans that started with LBJ was finished by George W.  I just hate that people think we’re all illiterate tea party yellers with oil wells in our back yards.

  • Craig Link

    Girl, Molly Ivins would kiss you on the mouth for this one. I hope those  pointy headed intellectuals at The Observer are setting you a place at the grown ups table.
    I only be as Texan as I need to be. 

  • Winston Link

    Yes, the Texas John Bainbridge wrote of is now diluted– bits and pieces absorbed into the whole of the American experience.  It has become myth.  And speaking of myth, what about the persistent rumor that Disney will build a theme park in Dallas, Texas?  How better to make a myth official than to glorify it with a theme park.  Well, Frontier Land would still be a given in this new “Super-American” park.  And Adventure Land!  Can you just imagine a thrilling rollercoaster ride around a faux Alamo through a rain of pellets and arrows shot by hundreds of animatronics?  Fantasy Land would take on the mantle of Neiman-Marcus.  Park visitors could ride whirling china teacups up and down fantastic aisles.  And doesn’t Waxahachie have a Main Street that has become filmdom’s favorite Main Street for use in stories set all over America?  How universal.  It could be copied for the Main Street of the new Magic Kingdom.  But no Cinderella’s castle at the head of it, please.  No, let there rise a replica of the big, second-empire Reata Ranch house so beloved by the Benedicts.  Dallas has enough congestion– doesn’t need a theme park anyway.  Disney should build the park in Marfa, Texas.
    Build it and they will come.

  • Funny and sad.

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