My Incredible Shrinking Face

Ruth: Well, so I got my friend Michael to take some photos of me with my new camera — with my usual stipulation/threat that it had to be flattering.  (Who cares if it looks like me?  It just has to look good.)

Following his very patient instructions, I actually managed to connect the right cords and upload several photos (a minor miracle).  I was basking in a rosy sense of my own competence when the program asked whether I’d like to crop the photo.  Why sure!  I thought.  After all, I was already on a roll.

So I indicated yes, and the program cut out a tiny square of my face — eyes, nose, half my mouth.  That was it.  I couldn’t change it, get back the full face.  Just a square about as big as a thumbnail.  I hate technology.  It always defeats me, one way or another.

In the meantime, though, I managed to stumble through an interview on KUT (since somebody else was in charge of the technology):  The accompanying photo, I should add, is 100 years old and hardly looks like me.

The interview was to promote a script I wrote for the radio show 11 Central Ave, which can be linked to here:

Happy weekend.  I’m not learning anything high-tech or new for the next several hours.  I’m also thinking, what the hell.  Maybe, at my age, face-shrinking isn’t a half-bad idea.

(Copyright 2007 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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