Mother-Daughter Duo Headed West

Mother-Daughter Road Trip

In a feat many might call “daring” and others might term “extremely deluded,” this mother-daughter pair is driving from Texas to California this week.  The two are driving a green Camry aptly described as “long in the tooth” (similar to the mother), grateful for 80 mph speed limits, frequent caffeine stops and earplugs.

“We’re pretty sure we can go the distance without strangling each other,” the mother commented hopefully. 

“I give us at least a 50-50 chance,” the daughter said, “as long as she stops smacking her gum and asking me what I just said.  She’s going a little deaf.”

When last seen, the pair of adventuresses were still in Texas and on friendly terms, even after driving more than 600 miles.

“It’s a big state,” the daughter explained.

“What did you just say?” her mother asked.

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  • Yeah, you’re on your way! I’m hoping we can meet up. I got your email and will write back.

  • A really long time ago my oldest daughter and I drove through Texas together, along with my then 3 year old son (he is now 36.  She probably wouldn’t like me to say how old she is).  We were going from Florida to California.  It was a long drive.  Sometime later I briefly dated a guy from Texas who told me the following rhyme:

    The sun has riz
    The sun has set
    And here I is
    In Texas yet 

  • Have a safe trip! I just made the trek to El Paso, and there comes a point after Ft. Stockton where Texas seems interminable!

  • You are so lucky, Ruth. I can’t think of anything I’d like more than a road trip with my son, even though we would end up pulling each other’s hair out at some point.

    Have a great time.

  • M A Link

    What a great photo, thanks for sharing & have a great time.  Does this mean you’re making the return trip solo?  I drive solo across the country (& back) almost every year.  Yup, just me and the girls (dog-girls; girly-girls) & it’s my preferred way to travel.  I’ve made it from Rockville, MD where my best friend lives, to Tucson in two days!  I am a maniac (in more ways than one) when it comes to driving & with a cell phone (no, I DO NOT drive & talk on the phone) & an iPod touch to hook to the internet (again, NOT while driving), traveling by car is the way to go!

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