I’m Asking You

Years ago, I read a story I loved about the journalist and columnist Russell Baker and his childhood shyness. He’d once tried to sell magazine subscriptions going door-to-door.

Over and over, he barely got through his halting, apologetic spiel (“Well, I don’t suppose you’d like to buy a subscription to the Saturday Evening Post, would you?”), before a door slammed in his face and he trudged on to the next house.

I could identify. Some of the worst memories of my life involve my feeble attempts to sell Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. You’re either born a salesperson or you’re not. I was not.

All of which brings me to my uneasy request to ask you to go to http://2012.bloggi.es/ and nominate my blog for best writing, most humorous, and/or best-kept secret. Many, many thanks — but no Thin Mints this time around.

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  • you’ve got my vote! I was so shy my little sister sold my GS cookies for me, while I lurked in the shadows. She sold enough to earn me a trip to summer camp, which was probably her plan all along.

  • I was glad to cast a vote for you, in the Best Writing category. I love your style “voice!”

    Good ol’ Russell Baker. I like him. He could not sell anything, but he did win a Pulitzer Prize. But who knows, maybe you’ll get the first Pulitzer Prize given for weblogging!

    About the GS Thin Mints. That is my favorite kind! Even shy GSers are successful at my door. If their spiel falters, I just take over, saying, “You got any Thin Mints? Great! Put me down for 6 boxes. Thank you!” I’m rewarded with a grateful smile, and I get some great cookies! It’s a win-win situation.

  • I gladly nominated your blog in all three categories. Thanks for writing here! And for letting us know how we might help.

  • Done. And I think you are a good salesman. That was a brilliant way to request help. Score!

  • Sheryl Link

    I beat you to it…turns out you didn’t even have to ask 🙂 Good luck, Ruth!

  • melissa waggoner Link

    Your nominations are my pleasure and I am looking forward to the voting phase. I wanted to add an exclamation point, but thought it might put a damper on your day.

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