If the Feminist Revolution is Over, Does That Mean Our Side Won?

If you’ve wondered — as I have — whether we won the feminist revolution, please check out this article I wrote in the Texas Observer.

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  • Cindy A Link

    I’m not sure it’s about winning. But I do know I’m eternally grateful that I never had to walk in my mother’s shoes — or worse — her mother’s shoes.

  • Thank you for this most moving piece. As a graduate of Smith College, alma mater to Gloria Steinem, my mother and my aunt, I have been sensitive to this issue my whole adult life. Navigating life without a clear role can be difficult, but it has also offered us enormous freedom to define ourselves, not by our gender, but by our life’s purpose. I find that liberating and hope for my children’s generation that they are no longer chained to a pre-conceived notion, set by someone else, of what they are capable of. I am glad you have been able to rise above your family’s circumstances to live out your dreams. The world is certainly a richer place because of it!

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