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  • I’m looking forward to receiving my copy from Amazon later this week! Yay!

  • I’ll be receiving my Kindle edition on January 4th. Isn’t that the bees knees. You’ll be on my Android, riding around in my pocket everywhere I go. Just how high-tech can your debut adult novel be?

    And no matter what any of those highfalutin’ professional critics might scribble, I’m sure all the reviews worth re-reading and savoring will be found right here on this blog. You have gathered a plethora of savvy commenters. Much success!

  • Congrats, Ruth. Nice that your very first review plants the seed for a TV tie-in…looking forward to reading your latest book, something tells me Joanie’s divorce group meetings are probably hilariously rendered.

  • I too await the Kindle release on the 4th. It should be a great read. Thanks!

  • I’m so excited about your book, and how nice to get the year off to a good start with positive press!

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