On the Outside

Ellen:  Failure!  That’s a keyword for me just now – in particular, my failure to properly access this blog and begin to hold up my own end of the conversation.  Don’t be fooled by the “lini2” bit; I’m Ellen, second of the Fabulous Geezersisters.  But when I finally succeeded in entering WordPress, I couldn’t post under my own name, which had already been taken, so I entered under an abbreviation of the only nickname I’ve ever had (that is, the only one used in semi-polite company).  Now that I’ve arrived, bungling continues and it’s not the fault of my Polish computer, just continued technological ineptitude.

This has to be simple – right?  Judging from the blogs I’ve perused over the years, this is not exclusively the territory of mental giants.  It reminds me of putting together boxes for shipping, an occasional duty at a job I had years ago:  everyone else followed the dotted lines and produced a compact, perfect box.  I fumbled and struggled and invariably my box looked like it had already gone around the world in a container and was used as a handball upon receipt.

So:  guide me around the dotted lines!  This isn’t supposed to be a Comment!

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