What’s a Populist?

I’m not so sure the Tea Partiers qualify.  See my column in the Texas Observer.

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  • Cindy A Link

    “But how did a well-fixed, well-fed mob of white people with college degrees and SUVs highjack the populism banner and label themselves disenfranchised?”

    From the interviews I’ve seen on television, they don’t look and sound like college grads. They’re more like those deer-in-the-headlights redneck women in curlers interviewed after a tornado hits the trailer park. If they ARE college grads, then America is in really deep doodoo.

  • Powerful stuff, Ruth. And I couldn’t disagree with a word – except ‘well,’ as in ‘well-educated.’ These people may have undergone some process that called itself an education, but it sure as hell was not well applied. Sarah Palin is a case in point – the woman seems to have attended more colleges than I’ve had hot dinners, but she’s the most ignorant, least-educated person I’ve ever seen.

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