Vote For Me. Now I’m Begging

I’m terrible at selling anything (couldn’t even deliver on Girl Scout cookies) and even worse at selling myself.  BUT … if you feel like voting for me as your favorite local blogger, please go to:  It’s under Media.  If you vote for me, then I’ll get more than two votes — mine and my husband’s (pretty sure about the latter, but you never know).

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  • Voted! With pleasure.

  • Steve Link

    Done. I was mildly embarassed at leaving the rest of the ballot blank, but as I scanned the ballot, I really didn’t have much of an opinion about anything else on the ballot. I have some personal favorites, but I accept that a service or vendor or place or commodity that is my favorite might not be the best by any kind of objective standard. I don’t care much about what is best; I care about what I like.

  • You just got another vote from me! Let’s just hope they don’t run a background check on the voters…hee hee. I hope you win!

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