The Lies of Texas

Just when Texans were beginning to hold up their heads again, along comes that doofus we call governor with his bright ideas about seceding from the Union.  Like we hadn’t tried that already.

Here’s a satire musing about the educational history of Rick Perry:

Speaking of doofuses — why, oh why, can’t I make a hot link any longer?

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  • Winston Link

    Ruth, hon, if you want your links hot (and tasty), smoke them over mesquite embers.  You’re in Texas.  You should know that.

  • Winston Link

    BTW— great and fun piece, A Teacher’s Mea Culpa.

    I think all of us past fifty have a “Miss Harper” buried somewhere in our heart.

  • Morgan Groves Link

    Your story about Miss Harper really caught my attention because I had an [b]Aunt Sister[/b] too. She was my dad’s older sister, and she looked after her 8 younger siblings. I didn’t learn until after her death at 94 or so that she had any other name but Sister. Her name was [b]Azile.[/b] which she created when she was 15 or so by just turning her given name, [b]Eliza[/b] around.

    I submit this as evidence that teenagers have pretty much always wanted to change their names.

  • Winston Link

    Morgan,  thanks for sharing.
    Like you, I have known a few elderly persons whose given name had been buried for so many decades under a pet or nick name that it was a shock, of sorts, to see their real name surface on their tombstone.

    Just a thought…
    What if your Aunt Sister’s given name had been Hannah?
    Would she have suffered teenage angst?  A breakdown?  Would she have been able to care for those 8 younger siblings?  Her whole life could have run so differently had it not been for Eliza/Azile.  A small stone can change the course of a river.

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