The Kids Aren’t All Right

OK, so I’m getting a little grumpy about all these politicians turning misty-eyed about fetuses and embryos — when they seem to lack any feeling for children and their needs. Please see my column in the Texas Observer.

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  • Exactly.

  • I’m ProChoice. If one has children, (I do) then one should be willing to take on the responsibility of raising them. It is not the state’s or the government’s responsibility to raise our children. What happened to being responsible for one’s actions.
    Thanks for an interesting column.

  • Enilea Link


    People like myself who fall in the women’s choices and children should be protected camp have been saying this for years.

    Except, we take it a step further and don’t think pro-life is about protecting babies at all.

    It’s about not liking women to have sexual freedom. Look at the things the same folks attack: sex education in public schools, public education, free birth control (their latest target Planned Parenthood), tax credits to the poor, WIC, all sorts of social services.

    They don’t want to protect babies or children. They want to punish women for having sex. I think some of the pro-lifers really believe that their cause stands for protecting innocent little babies that could become wonderful children and then productive adults if .. not for .. but the underscoring theme of the real rhetoric is that women should only get pregnant in a marriage to a stable man with a good income (both of them / one of them having said good income). It’s only acceptable to them if someone needs help if they ended up needing it AFTER prior meeting the criteria listed before.

    I just don’t buy your idea in your article that the other side is really just concerned about babies. I think they’re a lot more concerned about controlling women than they ever have been all about the babies (as evidenced by the programs they like to sneer at or want to cut meat out of).

    You’re right! They don’t care about kids. So what DO they care about? Babies? Eh… I don’t think so. Think about it.

  • Enilea Link

    I somehow let out an important sentence in my 5th paragraph. I should’ve added that because they don’t just only want women to get pregnant under X circumstances, they only want them to have SEX during those circumstances as well.. Hence why they attack birth control/planned parenthood .. because their thinking is if you can’t afford your own birth control pills OR can’t afford to fall pregnant then you obviously shouldn’t be having sex. It’s elitism. Sexist elitism.

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