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Years ago, my friends Paula and Melissa told me I should write a blog. I thought they were nuts. I barely knew what a blog was — and besides, what would I find to say? (I’m not the chatty type.)

But they turned out to be right. I did have something to say — precisely 865 posts over the past eight years. I’ve blogged about everything from the execrable Save-the-TaTas campaign here and here to friends’ and loved ones’ deaths to Pat Robertson to not being a Tiger Mom to Brazilians (you know, the wax, not the people). I’ve written about moving to a condo, spending a wonderful year in New York, aging, parenthood, marriage.

My blog never had a niche. Some people referred to it as a personal blog or a life blog or something like that. I don’t know. I just wrote about what interested me, what moved me, what pissed me off. When you live in interesting times — as, God knows, we do — you never run out of topics. The question, How do you find subjects to write about? always confounds me. How could you not find subjects in this ever-shifting, dazzling, deeply disturbing world we live in? Most days, all you have to do is look around and take notes.

Besides, as I may have mentioned on hundreds of occasions, I live in Texas. How hard do you really think it is to come up with blog ideas in Texas if you’re a liberal feminist with a sense of humor and outrage? See this and this and this.

For the most part, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these eight years of blogging. After all, I’ve always been attracted to low-paying work — and, since blogging pays nothing, naturally, I loved it. I’ve made great new friends through it, enjoyed airing my opinions, and now can look back on an offbeat chronicle of my life from 2008 to 2015.

Well, it’s obvious where this is leading. I hate being obvious, so I’m going to make it short. After eight good years, it’s time for me to quit this blog. I’m not even sure I can explain why; it’s just something I feel strongly. I never want to be the last to leave the gathering (with the door being closed firmly in my face) or the bore who hogs the conversation at a dinner party. I also don’t want to get stale.

I’m planning to gather the best blog posts from the Fabulous Geezersisters into a collection in print and ebook form. I think I’ve done some of the best writing of my career on this site and really want to preserve it somehow. Anyway, I’ll be posting info on Facebook when it happens. Please buy multiple copies.

Also, I’m going to be starting a new blog of letters and completely unsolicited advice to my new granddaughter. Since I’m chronically disorganized and not much of a planner, I’m not quite sure what it will become. But, my intent is that I want Ellie to know me before I’m a drooling old gargoyle in the corner of the room. And I want to try to pass on what I’ve learned in my 65 years. We’ll see how it turns out.

So — that’s about it. You’ve been a wonderful group of readers and commenters. Thank you — and please stay in touch.

(Copyright 2015 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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  • I don’t think you could ever become stale, Ruth. I’ve enjoyed every minute of your blog and look forward to the “best of” and your new advice to your gorgeous new granddaughter!

  • Ginny Agnew Link

    Well I look forward to your compilation but will miss your blog, not just because you were always taking the words right out of my mouth but also for the times you managed to put new ideas in this old mind of mine. Lucky Ellie.

  • Cynthia Link

    I’ll really miss your blog. I came to it late in the game, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. And whatever you write in the future, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for all the wonderful posts you’ve written over the years. I’ve truly enjoyed them!

  • Marie Link

    Thank you for writing an official sign-off AND for the links to posts that look interesting and I might have missed! I love that you are doing what feels right and I look forward to reading your letters. I know I will learn a lot! Thanks for all the fun!

  • This makes me sad, but I totally get it. So glad you will creating a collection of favorites!

  • Thank you for this blog. I’m looking forward to the next one!

  • I’m sad to see the blog go, but I know you can’t stay quiet for long…if necessary we will hunt you down and find your words in other places! xoxo

  • Linda Unger Link

    Oh Ruth, I’ll miss your blog so much. I WILL buy multiple copies of the compilation and I can’t wait to see what you write next.

  • It is difficult to know when to move on, and I applaud your confidence and insight! Looking forward to reading whatever is next for you, Ruth.

  • Barbara SIGELBAUM Link

    This is the first of your posts that I’ve read. Truly hope it’s a long time before you’re a drooling gargoyle, mostly because I’m three years older.

  • Robin Casey Link

    Your blog will be missed by many. I’ve so enjoyed reading it over the years. You have a special ability to share your observations about the world, family, friendships, health, with unique insight and humor. I’m not sure I can get through the 2016 election cycle without you!

  • Thanks for amusing me over those eight years. Can we read the one for Ellie?

  • Sheryl Link

    Ruth, your blog has made me laugh, brought me to tears, and treated me to your wonderful writing. I’ve so enjoyed it. I know your new venture will be every bit as delightful… Even though you ( and that SO describes me, too!) are “chronically disorganized and not much of a planner.” That’s when the best and most unexpected things happen! Xo

  • Carolyn Page Link

    Ah, good decision Ruth, but it made me sad. I wish I’d stumbled on your blog 8 years ago. Reading it over the last 4 years I’ve found it resonated, wise and funny, through many of my own life passages – through breast cancer, children’s weddings, early grandparenting and political indignation in all its varieties. Please send us all a link to the next chapter.
    Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!

  • Jenny M Link

    Thanks for 8 years of giggles and a lot of “Yep, that’s right”. Good on you for knowing when to take a new direction, though I’m glad you’re compiling the best blog posts in a book.
    Ellie’s the lucky one here. What a gift you’ve assigned yourself to create for her!

  • Holly Rigby Link

    Oh Ruth,
    I will miss you so. Every time a post popped up in my inbox I knew I could settle in for a bout of the kindred spirit. I too live in Texas, Houston, and I too am on the Underground Railroad of liberal feminist persuasion. I am 68 with an almost three year old granddaughter, Ava, and you’ve inspired me to do the same writing for her…I hate change..being a New Englander originally…so I will miss you…but look forward to your new endeavors. Best of the best to you…you are a joy!

  • You will be missed. I’ve had virtual coffee with you over the years and always came away from these morning visits, refreshed and smiling.
    Thanks Ruth.

  • Thanks for the prompt to revisit the Brazilians, Pat Robertson and these other gems. Advice for Ellie sounds like a wonderful idea. Very much looking forward to reading what’s next. And I do understand.

  • Steve Link

    Well, rats.

  • Deborah Lee Link

    You will be missed by me and my computer. Have loved your blog. It has brought me much joy and laughter. You remind a little of Molly Ivins – another Texan I sorely miss. Will look forward to your new endeavor – and the one after that – and the one after that!!

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs over the years. You’ve made me laugh, made me cry, and made me contemplate many of life’s idiosyncrasies. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and wish you well.

  • Diane Sandlin Link

    You’re my inspiration to take up pen to paper or more appropriately, keyboard to the screen. And I agree, we Texans have plenty of subject-matter! Thank you so much and let us know about the next iterations.

  • I’ve been a bit of a lurker on your blog the last couple of years, Ruth, but I have loved it so much, and am sad to see it go. Your voice hits just the right notes of humor, outrage, and bittersweet emotion. Please continue to alert us via Facebook to the other places we can find your writings as things move along.

  • I’m a latecomer to your blog too, and sorry to see it come to a close. Please do post one last entry here with a link to your new blog when you get started, so that I won’t miss it.

  • Mike Link

    Dear Ruth,
    I will miss your voice of the liberal feminist with a sense of humor and outrage coming out of Texas. I grew up listening to and loving Molly Ivins. Your voice reminded me of her in some ways. I don’t need to tell you to enjoy life, you will. I wish the best for you and your family.

  • Chris Link

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog for the last 4 or 5 years and will miss reading it. You are an excellent writer and I am almost always in agreement with you. I had been writing an online column for 4 years & just recently decided to stop. My reasons are so similar to yours so I do understand your decision. I am sure you will continue to write more fine pieces–writers just have a difficult time quitting.

  • Ruth,
    I am looking forward to learning what you’ll advise your granddaughter… about many things, I am sure.

  • merr Link

    Farewell to this blog…but I’m looking forward to the new journey and site ahead that you’re creating : )

  • Ward Link

    First Jon Stewart and now this. An era of thoughtful, humorous insights has drawn to a close. It’s been a great run, and thank you for sharing.
    Much love,

  • I will follow you wherever you go, Ruth. Can’t wait to check out your new site and cyber-meet that lucky granddaughter of yours.

  • Robbie Link

    I will miss your insights and humor. I look forward to buying the collection of your best posts from the Fabulous Geezersisters blog.

  • KateP Link

    Best of luck with your new adventure. It’s been a pleasure to read your words here on the blog and I look forward to reading more of your words, just in a different place.

  • Hi! I was looking for an email contact for you and couldnt find one!

    Im with Copeland Jewelers ( a jewelry store Austin Texas) and we are putting together a project showcasing Texas bloggers and their mission statements-and your new blog is FABULOUS idea! We’d love for you to join in!

    Get in touch at your convenience!

    Copeland Jewelers

  • ruthpennebaker Link

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