3 Haikus for George W. Bush

I’m feeling very inspired by the blog The Haiku Diaries, http://thehaikudiaries.wordpress.com/, which I found through Sophie Dembling’s blog (http://sophiadembling.com/home.htm, if you want to know, and you should).  A few syllables, a simple sentiment — how appropriate for the difficult times we’re living in.

As George W. Bush’s extended term in the White House draws to a merciful close, I’d like to dedicate the following, deeply felt haikus to him:

Your squinty eyes

Your ziplocked mind

Will linger with us

Just like your war.


Soldiers died, soldiers maimed

Children slaughtered

How fitting you gave up golf!


Dollar’s worthless.

Market sucks.  Houses foreclosed.

Oh, please.  Outsource yourself.

(Copyright 2008 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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  • C.L. Ward Link

    A haiku in English is usually written as three lines, consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.

    Hmm. Maybe…

    Your squinty eyes, ziplocked mind
    Will always linger with us.
    Just like your damn war.

    Soldiers slain and maimed,
    Children slaughtered. How fitting
    That you gave up golf!

    Dollar is worthless.
    Market sucks. Houses foreclosed.
    Please. Outsource yourself.

    And here are a few for you.

    Use homo terror
    To distract the folks at home
    While killing our troops.

    You war criminal!
    You should be tried and sentenced
    For your needless war!

    Lie, lie and lie more;
    Don’t forget to smirk while our
    Economy shrinks.

    Benefit your buds!
    Cut taxes for the rich while
    The middle class sinks.

    If a hanging chad
    Was good, then maybe hanging
    Pres. Bush is better.

    Bigger than your ears
    Is your destructive ego.
    Bring our troops home now!

  • I’m so happy that
    you’re enjoying the Haiku
    Diaries! Haiku well!

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    Wow — somebody who knows a lot more about haikus than I do — and is even more hostile toward a certain president.

  • rachelbirds Link

    Look out President
    Bush; the haikuers are out
    in force. Such power.

    (thanks for looking at http://www.thehaikudiaries.wordpress.com — we’re flattered).

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