Are Skinny Jeans New Age Corsets? Discuss, If You Can Breathe

Here’s my most recent Out of Towner column in The New York Times about mothers and daughters, being a certain age, and skinny jeans.

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  • A beautiful piece, and boy, did I identify! Thank you.

  • The mom thing. Oh-so true. As for the jeans? Well, I found a pair of jeans with a bit of stretch and tapered legs, and that’s about as close to “skinny jeans” as this girl is going to get. Out West here, most girls of a certain age still wear boot cut jeans. We’re old-fashioned like that.

  • Mothers really do matter. Here I am with 3 post menopausal daughters and my mother still matters to me and I know I matter to my daughters as they do to theirs — each of them has 2 daughters. It’s a never ending chain. As for jeans, I remember the time when I was in my 40’s and my youngest daughter was approaching 20 when she put on her jeans she would lie down on the bed on her back and I would have to zip them up for her. It was a real test, both of my strength and jean zipper quality.

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