All Right, All Right, So Errol Morris is a Genius

I was finally able to access Errol Morris’ eight-minute documentary for Stand Up to Cancer — and it’s wonderful.  See it at:

I’m about three-quarters of the way through it, wearing a yellow cardigan and looking better than I’ve ever looked in my life (thanks to the miracle-working abilities of Donna, who did my makeup and hair).

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  • Cynthia Link

    Wow, fantastic! You look great, Ruth.

    Now I want Errol to do one of those on Alzheimer’s.

  • Wow. Nothing like a little weep to start the week.

    Please excuse this plug here, Ruth (I don’t make any money off sales anyway) but Cynthia, please check out the book about living with Alzheimer’s that I co-authored with an expert at the Center for Brainhealth:

  • Errol Morris Link

    I’m glad you liked it. If the piece was any good, it was because of people like yourself who contributed to it. And by the way, you were fantastic. Thanks.


  • What a power film. Truly makes you realise that you could be standing there adding your own names – for me it would be Grandma and Grandad. It just touches everyone.

  • Steve Link

    A fine film, and you do look great.

    I didn’t well up until the daughter quivered in talking about her dad. When diagnosed (and I DON’T remember the date!), by far the hardest person to tell was my daughter. I’m not sure why; I’ve pondered it a lot. It’s just the nature of our relationship.

    I particlularly love the film’s opening: “Can you say ‘balls’ on television?” One of the things cancer does is break down modesty barriers to conversation; you find yourself talking in detail about procedures and parts you’d otherwise never discuss with some individuals.

  • Diane Hernandez Link

    Dear Ruth,
    What a beautiful and powerful film that made me cry and feel proud of everyone who shared their deeply personal thoughts and feelings.

    Both my parents survived cancer. I cherished every single moment I had with my father until he passed away earlier this year (due to other health issues) and cherish the time I still have with my mother.

    Ruth, thank you for telling me about it at Laura’s birthday event last night. You are great!


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