What We Talked About for 36 Hours, Part 2

A random sampling of conversations or emails I’ve been involved with this week:

Oh, God.  Do we have to go through this kind of thing again?  I’m so sick of it.

I can’t believe the summer’s almost over.

I know.  Just hearing about it makes me feel like I need to take a shower.

Yeah, but it’s still hot.

How could he do it?

I know.  But when it’s August, at least you know it can’t last.

Well, maybe he didn’t do it.  Maybe it’s just gossip.

What about the year September was worse than August?  When was that?  2000, maybe?

Then why doesn’t he deny it?

That’s what we get for living in Texas.

Then why doesn’t the press cover it?

Yeah.  But fall is nice.  When it finally gets here.

Nobody wants to cover it.  Especially the mainstream press.

And spring.  Don’t forget spring.

Well, why not?

Only 90-some more days till the election.

Because his wife is dying.  And we all like her.

Don’t talk about politics.  That makes me nervous.

I thought I liked him.

Why?  The Democrats should be a shoo-in.

Yeah.  Me, too.  I would have voted for him.

Ha.  They can always fumble the ball.

And now there’s a kid involved.  A baby!  How awful is that?

Not this time!  Not after the past horrible eight years.

Well, you know, sometimes the National Inquirer is wrong.

Oh, yeah?  Remember Swift Boat?

Yeah.  And sometimes it’s right.

Don’t remind me.

(For Part 1, go to http://geezersisters.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/what-we-talked-about-for-36-hours/)

(Copyright 2008 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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  • Hello Ruth and Ellen!
    I did a Google search for blogging conferences and found your blog in the first page of links. I also have what I refer to as a “life” blog, where I write about whatever happens to be on my mind at that moment, and I am always on the lookout for good blogs that I can READ for relaxation, inspiration, entertainment, etc. Unfortunately, I find very few that are honest, thoughtful, and well-written. Yours, however, is one in a million. I have just subscribed and will be following you with interest. Thanks for what you do.
    Barbara Weibel

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