Some Can Cook, Some Can Only Eat

After four hours of a cooking class, I’m still hopeless. Read it

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  • Am I doing something wrong or is your link not functioning. Help! Got to have latest Pennebaker fix!

  • ruthpennebaker Link

    Thank you. I appear to be as inept technologically as I am in a kitchen. It should work now.

  • Marie Link

    I don’t see it either

  • Chris Link

    There was a sgroppino machine at one of our favorite restaurants in Venice that we visited way too often on our March trip this year. It was my husband’s first experience with sgroppino and he had a gleam in his eye, a longing to stick his open mouth under the sgroppino spigot and let it fly. Cooler heads prevailed.

    My recipe calls for lemon ice cream, prosecco, and vodka, with a dusting of lemon zest. The machine-produced product was okay, but not as creamy as I like.

  • I spent a huge portion of my life cooking for my six kids, their forever tag-along friends and my 6’5′ husband – so you won’t see me in a cooking class unless they invite me as a taster!

  • Good for you for giving it a whirl, Ruth. Is calamari likely to make it into the meal-time rotation at your home anytime soon?

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