If Breakfast is Served Early, How Can It Be the Most Important Meal of the Day?

You guessed it.  I’m not a chipper morning person.

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  • C.L. Ward Link

    I heard this piece this morning driving in to town. I wanted to shout “Testify, sister!” but refrained, because I know that would be the moment the guy in the car next to mine glanced over to see me talking to myself.

    Well, mumbling to myself anyway. I too am not a morning person, and being awakened by a paniced voice shouting “Oh my gawd, I must have turned off the alarm clock instead of snoozing it!” on a day I have another medical appointment is *definitely* not the way to start your morning. One cup of coffee, snagged on the way out the door, is insufficient to overcome the morninggrogginess.

    But your KUT piece did provide a brighter spot in the drive!

  • Craig Link

    You get my vote for president.
    I get these calls at 6:30 AM and invariably they ask
    “Did I wake you up?”
    I simply cannot comprehend morning people

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