Favorite Blog Posts of 2014

Happy New Year! Here are the posts I like best from the past year:

1) The Audacity of Hops — Every time I turn around, some expert has a new tip about not dying or aging better or whatever. I try them all, of course;

2) Meteorology 101 — My husband took a weather course in college. That’s why he’s screaming at the meteorologist on TV;

3) Our Family Gets Cloven — Our daughter got married. Our family will never be the same;

4) Going Wild in Canada — We’re normally urban creatures. But it turns out there are bears — and succulent lobsters — in Atlantic Canada;

5) The Love Letter — When you find an abandoned love letter on a city street — what should you do?;

6) Autumn in Texas — How do you know it’s fall in Texas? The signs are subtle to nonexistent

7) So Much for Our In-Town Dynasty — Just when your kids get interesting — and self-supporting — they leave you;

8) Trivia is My Life — I am at the Gone With the Wind exhibit and I just can’t stop talking about everything I know.

9) Scattered Thoughts From a Mother Whose Daughter is Getting Married — Or I’m No Martha Stewart.

10) Moon River — Most women want to be Audrey Hepburn; most men don’t get it at all.

(Copyright 2015 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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    Congrats on a year of great posts!

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