13 Best Blog Posts of 2013

Happy new year! To start off the year, I’m listing my favorite posts from 2013:

1) Ode to all ye bookworms — Somebody goofed and took me to a library when I was a kid. I never looked back;

2) Two people try to explain the unexplainable  — When you’ve been married 40 years, it takes both of you to try to explain why;

3) Watch Out, Rick Santorum — You know the old saying about broken clocks being right twice a day? Well, even a dim bulb like Santorum might be smart to be intimidated by gay marriage — since it could make him look bad;

4) The Wonderful and the Terrible — For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, don’t just apply to marriage.  They’re about long friendships, too;

5)  Spoiling the Broth —  Enough with the guilt trips. Not everybody likes to cook. In fact, some of us dislike it.  Really, really dislike it;

6) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah —   I managed to score with a key lime pie, but Paul McCartney stood me up;

7) Either the Music Goes or I Do –These days, the first thing I ask for in a restaurant is for the music to be turned down. I’d really rather order an appetizer;

8) The Proposal: A Family Saga — When a good suitor came calling, we all said yes;

9) Taken Down, But not Out, by the TSA— I didn’t think I looked threatening. Evidently, I was misinformed;

10) On Being the BUT of the Joke– How do you age “well”?  I keep trying to figure it out;

11) 10 Shades of Darkness— It’s hard to explain  depression to someone who’s never been depressed. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try;

12) You FeelingLucky Today? –  Coming to the oncology waiting room is like playing the slot machines—and just about as fair;

13)  I Wanted a Car But We Bought a Spaceship — Our new car can support  12—that’s 12–high-tech devices. My only question is, why?

(Copyright 2014 by Ruth Pennebaker)

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  • bonehead Link

    Happy New Year Ruth!

  • You had some great posts last year. I’m looking forward to what you’ll be writing this year!

  • Thanks for the list, Ruth. Funny, poignant, real… I love how you cover all the bases. I missed a few of these, so will backtrack and read.

  • Merr Link

    Loved these and now I’m looking forward to what your blog delivers in 2014!

  • I remember so many of these posts with a chuckle of pleasure. Wishing many more like them in the New Year, please. Happy 2014!

  • This is a great round-up and a reminder that I need to read these again, they were so good the first time around. Happy New Year to you and look forward to reading more of your insights in 2014.

  • Sun fun reading! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2014.

  • Such diversity of thought, but always the wisdom. Happy New Year!

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